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I'm Canberk Demirci, I was born in Bornova, İzmir in 1995. I graduated from Bilkent University in 2018. I have been interested in software development since my primary school years. I have developed many software projects since my high school years, some of which are; CngFiltre (2010): A filtering software for parents to protect their children from harm and inspection of computers and the Internet world, the first software in this field was in Turkey. BKMezun (2011): For the first time in Turkey, a web project that allows high school students to write their high school write-ups / annuals online. For nearly 7 years, we have developed many software projects for the industry with my business partner Altuğ. We are developing various custom software projects for many corporate companies in Turkey and the United States.

  • Age . . . . . 24
  • Residence . . . . . Turkey - USA
  • Front-End . . . . . Javascript, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, jQuery
  • Back-End . . . . . PHP, Java, NodeJS, Swift, Go, Dart
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