Who Am I

Some informations about me.

I'm Canberk Demirci. I'm from Turkey. I've been interesting programming for 10 years. When I was 14, I created new "Parental Controls and Internet Filtering Software" which is called "CngFiltre" still many parents are using that software on their PCs.

I've been studying "Bilkent University - Computer Technology and Information Systems" for 3 years. I'm the CEO of CROVU & CROX Social media services.



My childhood was actually consisting of Computers...

I studied in Bahcesehir College in Kocaeli. While my friends was trying to play football, i was developing myself on my computer for hours... I created "BKMEZUN" which is related with publishing high schools' Yearbooks by using a Website(Online).It was the first project about Yearbooks in Turkey.


I'm a CEO and Freelancer.

More than you think...

For now, i am developing freelance softwares and i am leading my own business with my Partner, Altu─č Ankaral─▒. We established a Social Media Company in 2013. Now, we're dominating the whole market. Also, we are SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Specialists. Until today, we managed many projects. We're good couples really!


What you see is what you get.

Don't worry, I present professional solutions for you.


When I start a project, I always do deep research about the topic.


Your comment and perspective is so crucial for me. I consider all of them while developing the project.


My favourite part of the project really!


I design my project with many aspects for audiences. Make sure that you will get the best result.


Your data is my data don't worry about that. I always give priority your datas' security&managament.


I am also a White Hacker. Make sure that your software will be safe. I do all penetrating tests which are necessarry.

Stay in contact with me.

I reply your all kind of emails kindly.